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 Happy Family Hotpot Restaurant An innovative way to have hotpot without dipping sauce Established in 2002 as Happy Family Hotpot Restaurant or Happy Family Restaurant (Also known by some as “Little Fat Lamb” from the direct Chinese translation). We emphasize quality and strive to bring you an authentic and traditional Mongolian hotpot experience with a taste of Mongol culture hundreds of years ago. We select and use only the finest ingredients. Each of our Mongolian hotpot soup base requires weeks of preparation and contains our aged broth along with a secret variety of invigorating herbs, spices, and medicine. To ensure only the highest quality, our soup bases are made in-house and from scratch by our master chef from start to finish. It is our soup that makes us unique among the hotpot industry. We exclusively serve six months year old lamb that is imported daily from the organic and natural pollutant-free Grasslands of New Zealand. The lamb meat fusing with our unique soup base accentuates the freshness and tenderness of it and provides an extraordinarily flavorful hotpot that compliments the strong food culture of Mongolian nationality. Also our soup is healthy and beneficial for the body!


3635 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11354

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